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Cooking Madness Mod Apk 1.7.6 (Unlimited Diamonds/Coins)

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Cooking Madness is a game full of cooking diverse types of recipes. The player has to take advantage of the role of an addicted chef who is mad in cooking dishes from all around the world. The game provides the list of recipes, and the chef needs to prepare and submit it within the given time. The player has to feed the hungry customer that comes to the restaurant and accepts the feedback of his work. It also aims tor giving an identity to the restaurant with fantastic cooking style and attract more customers to the restaurant. The game also offers an exclusive food mission to complete where the cook has to travel to different places to achieve the purpose.

Information about Cooking Madness Mod Apk

APP Name Cooking Madness
Size 83M
Features Unlimited Diamonds/Coins
Powered By
Last Update On October 2020
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Features of Cooking Madness

Cooking Madness will let you experience the real joy of cooking dishes. Some of the features available to explore in the game are the following:-

Cook and travel to new places

The master chef will not get stuck to a single restaurant. The game is made to send him to different restaurants to try some new style of cooking. It will let a player know about the details of unique varieties of dishes and taste. It will also make the chef more experienced to diversify the feeling of people in different places. He has to travel through different countries to experience a difference in taste in each area.

Get a new combo and earn bonus rewards

The chef is not an ordinary cook. He cooks with style to attract more people to watch him preparing. The game gives amazing rewards for throwing a plate with one hand and catching with another hand. The player has to show different styles of cutting, throwing, and catching vegetables to make him different from other chefs. It makes the customers shocked, and they can also enjoy watching him cooking various dishes. It is a way that makes him different from other cooks and creates a new personality in the mind of people.

Unlock new restaurant

The chef has to collect cards to take entry to a new restaurant. The new restaurant will be more classy and more significant than the old one. The chef also earns a lot more reward points on unlocking every new restaurant. The main motto of every level is to collect a few cards. The chef can assemble these cards only after delivering food to people in a proper manner. He needs to know about their taste and do a few changes in his style of cooking to enrol the cards.

Level up by upgrading the kitchen

The chef takes entry to the next level based on his cooking style and hotel maintenance. He needs to focus more on keeping the kitchen neat and clean to give it a fantastic look. It also depends on arranging things in the kitchen to make it look like formal kitchens. The chef can upgrade all his cooking tools to improve his work to cook new dishes. The upgrading feature of the kitchen will make him bound to complete the task.

Complete mission and grab achievements

The chef gets new missions on every level, and he needs to complete it as soon as possible to get new achievements to grow his identity. The task can be making 10 to 20 number of dishes at a specific time. Improving the sale of the plates or make other people try new recipes. All the missions are based on meals that will help the chef to build an identity in the city.

Final words

Cooking Madness is a game for food lovers who want to cook new varieties of dishes. It will give a unique experience to explore different types of dishes from all around the world. The player can know a brief description of new recipes and their qualities.

Download Cooking Madness Mod Apk 1.7.6

Cooking Madness Mod is a free and amazing cooking game and Install it on your Android phone and tablets. If you want to free download this amazing app, then you just follow our provided download link. Now just download this app on your smart phone and get enjoy a lot.

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