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Block City Wars MOD APK v7.1.5 (Unlimited Money) Download for Android

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Block City Wars (MOD, Unlimited Money) Everyone is having a craze on the GTA version game. The game has lots of features such as driving, chasing police, shooting, and many more activities. Likewise, block city wars mod apk has the same level of gaming experience. It is a Minecraft version, and players download this game to mobile and tablets. A lot of exciting things are to admire when you play Block City Wars. It is a fighting game and able to battle with players. You will get a thrilling and dramatic feeling. Players have to download the latest version in Play Store.

Information about Block City Wars Mod APK

APP Name Block City Wars
Version 7.1.5
Size 52 MB
Features Unlimited Money
Powered By D-Games Apps
Last Update On November 2019
Get It On


The Gameplay of block city wars apk has a cutting edge field. It has cool vehicles, marksman duels with criminal activities. Players can aim and shoot the opponents in the city. This game has tons of missions and complete one by one. While shooting the roadside criminals and robbers, you will get weapons, money, and coins.

In the 3D battleground, plasma weapons, super rifles, destroyers, and more things found. You should experience a real playing feature in the Block City Wars game. Mafia supervisors give the missions, and your job is to complete the tasks. It depends on your skills and tries to achieve as much as possible.

Block City Wars Mod Apk features

Unlimited money

When you play the block city wars mod game, get unlimited money. It permits them to complete the missions given by the Mafia gang. The battles are taking place in a large and bustling city. When you defeat the enemies and criminals in the town, get unlimited money. Complete the task within a limited time. You will receive valuable items in every level.


The Block City Wars Mod has a Godmode version. The player can shoot in third-person mode. It can access cheat codes to pass the challenging levels. By using this feature, you can get secret items in the gameplay. Also, you will get bonuses and discover a strong relationship. Some characters will help you in the story.


The block city wars apk has Aimbot facility. It gives shooting guns and has gang fights in the street. Also, you can chase opponents in the city. You will become a hero or a criminal after completing the mission. But at the same time, the game is quite fun.

Max level

Everyone will reach the maximum level in Block City Wars. It is incredibly different weapons and uses to overcome the difficulty levels. You can drive many types of vehicles you see on the roads. The weapon system is also quite attractive. Different kinds of guns are available for every mission. After completing one by one, the game provides you advanced arms and ammo.

Become gangster

After completing the levels, you will become a gangster. In the city, you may be the topmost criminals who kill opponents. With free gameplay, do whatever you want in the game. There are no rules to follow while driving on the street. It gives a chance to attack the police as well.


The graphics are overall good and found sharp buildings. It follows interesting stories between mafia and thugs. Along with graphics, block city wars download reaches the maximum level.


Block City Wars Mod apk has an imaginary storyline with good entertainment. The game allows users to get stunning visuals, good graphic design, cars, and so on.


Every day, players get block city wars mod free download from the below given link. It is an excellent game for us because of its stunning features and specifications. You may get remarkable experience by playing different levels. Try the latest version, and don’t feel bored hereafter.

Download Block City Wars MOD APK for Android

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