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Beach Buggy Racing Apk 1.2.25 Download (MOD, Unlimited Money) for Android

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Beach Buggy Racing (MOD, Unlimited Money) Do you remember the Chocobo racing? Chocobo is a traditional racing game that you’ve already played in childhood with your friends on PC or Playstation 1. If not, then it’s time to experience that feeling for the first time with the help of Beach Buggy Racing mod apk. Beach Buggy Racing is a racing game that players can play with their friends. Beach Buggy Racing is the game that has been created by the famous Vector Unit. Beach Buggy Racing mod is the upgraded version of Chocobo racing, which I had played with my friends at the weekends.

The game has already downloaded more than one hundred million times from Google Play Store. The game is free to download and free to play on every platform. The game comes with many customization options for your car and avatar, but you have to pay some amount to access these features and items. I have got a MOD version that can help users to experience the whole game freely. Users have to download Beach Buggy Racing mod apk unlimited money to use all these extra features for free. Let’s explore all the features that help you to choose this racing game over any other game:

Information about Beach Buggy Racing MOD APK

APP Name Beach Buggy Racing
Version 1.2.25
Size 80M
Features Unlimited Money
Powered By
Last Update On November 2019
Get It On

All the racing games have a similar type of vibes in the gameplay. Players have to cross the finish line before than their competitors. So what makes this Beach Buggy Racing apk more enjoyable than other racing games? The game has different kinds of power-ups to defeat the opponent by using those special powers. You don’t have to obey any rules; Basically press the accelerator and go forward as fast as you can. There are power-ups like Rocket launchers and 24 others to distract your enemy from the game.

Customization on point:

The makers know how to make games more delightful for the players so they can never get bored while playing Beach Buggy Racing. The makers included 15 new race tracks with new six modes to play with your friends. Win as many races as you can and win prizes to unlock more items from the store. Each race tracks have shortcuts and suprises which players don’t know about.

The user can recruit a team of racers to play with them. Each driver has different and unique superpowers to help you to win the race.

Multiplayer Support:

Beach Buggy Racing has added the feature in their apk to connect with their friends and split up four screens in android tv and compete with each other. The features seem new and exciting to try out. There is one problem you have to pay some amount to use the feature. Don’t worry, with the help of Beach Buggy Racing mod apk download. You can install the MOD apk in your Android tv and enjoy the gameplay with your friends.

Upgraded Graphics:

Beach Buggy Racing apk looks stunning with the support of 3D graphics and the soothing sound of a tropical island. The look and feel are critical while making the game for racing game fanatics. The game is apparently small in size, so the old smartphone users can also relish the gameplay of Beach Buggy Racing for android.

Easy Controls:

Vector Unit has added the simples controls to handle the steering wheel with your fingers, or you can simply change the settings to tilt your device to control your vehicle. Users can also connect gamepads via BlueTooth to control the wheel.

How to Download Beach Buggy Racing for Android:

Actually, Beach Buggy Racing mod apk is not available for any other mobile os. Android is the only mobile that supports Beach Buggy Racing mod hack. As the name suggests, it does contain Unlimited coins and many more valuable items, which would make the game more enjoyable for Users. The game has extra features than the original version, and that’s the reason people often choose the mod version than the original one.

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