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Baseball Star MOD APK 1.6.9 (Unlimited Money)

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Hello, Everyone, If you are looking for Baseball Star Mod Apk. then you are here at the right place. In this post we will share with you Baseball Star Unlimited Money Mod for Free Download.

Baseball Star is an offline baseball game with 3D graphics. The user had to battle with another team in a big baseball court where a lot of audiences will be present to see the match. You get the right to build a powerful team by choosing players from the game. The game has around 30 characters for the selection of players. The player leading the field had to hit the ball and run as fast as he can to score more in the game. Different gaming modes are available to enjoy the game in your most favourite choice.

Information about Baseball Star Mod Apk

APP Name Baseball Star
Version 1.6.9
Size 91M
Features Unlimited Money
Powered By
Last Update On July 2020
Get It On


The game supports high 3D graphics that can give you the feeling of being in a playing environment. The player has to stand in the middle of the field and wait for the ball to come. Hit the ball at the right time with your baseball bat with full force so that the ball goes towards the boundary. Run to the line while the ball is in the air to score in the game. Land your player one by one to the battle for building a good score for the team. Participate in the legendary championship and try your best to win the match.

Features of Baseball Star

The game is quite good at giving you the joy of playing baseball. It includes the following features to explore in the game

No internet connection required

The best benefit of downloading the game is that it runs offline. The user doesn’t need to connect his phone with any external data connection for upgrading or managing the points. The developer can’t add any extra feature until he brings a new update. The player can focus on the gameplay without getting disturbed by mobile advertisements.

Improve your game points

The status of a player can be detected by looking into the game points. The one who has scored higher in the game is the pro player. They need to clear most of the legend matches to get a pro player batch on their profile. The main motto is to improve your game point by participating in a new baseball match. Keep winning more and more events to break your records. The opposite team is played by artificial software. It has options from easy to difficult to decide your winning probability. Start with secure mode and go towards difficult matches.

Different gaming modes

The game had three types of gaming modes available to play. It includes league mode, challenge mode, and event matches. The league mode consists of about 128 seasons to explore. The player has to select the innings as 3,6,9 and so on to enjoy the game till the last season. In the same way, the challenge mode comes with five seasons. It includes major, minor, master, champion, and legend mode. The last target is to win the legend battle. It would help if you created a powerful team to win all the actions. The event matches held once a day, and it rewards you each day for winning the game. It is like a bonus match to grab more gaming points.

Train and upgrade your players

You need to train your player in the testing mode before launching them to the match. Do a little practice of how to face the ball to get an excellent performance output. Every player has a different style of hitting the ball. Train them as long as you can and select the most eligible player to build a powerful team. The chances of winning get increase after having a group of highly skilled attacking players. Upgrade the player using gaming points to add more extra features.

Download Baseball Star MOD APK 1.6.9 (Unlimited Money)

Baseball Star is an advanced 3D baseball game with a new type of gameplay. The broad categories of matches will make you feel like playing a different game every time you come to the field. The player can enjoy the game in different gaming modes to get some fantastic experience of baseball matches.

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