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Ball Blast MOD APK 1.46 (Unlimited Money) Download for Android

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Ball Blast is a unidirectional shooting game where the player needs to shoot the ball falling to the ground. It provides a tomb from where all the missiles come out and go to the sky. The player needs to fix the position looking into the falling of the ball and blast them with the bullets. The ball comes in slow motion to the ground so, the player gets enough time to shoot it using the tomb. Every ball comes with a unique tag of points. The player needs to blast it before reaching the ground to grab the written score in the shot. The game had different levels with new types of difficulty to explore.

Information about Ball Blast Mod Apk

APP Name Bullet Bender
Size 48M
Features Unlimited Money
Powered By
Last Update On July 2020
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Ball Blast is quite simple to play. The player needs to move the shooting tomb only to the left and right direction to hit the target. Missiles are coming out from the grave continuously and going towards the sky. The player has to fix it in a vertical position to the spherical ball to blast at the perfect time. Including the ball, many other things also fall from the sky. The firing of bullets becomes double and triple when the player grab the power-ups. Power-ups help to fire more shots from the tomb, which can benefit the shooter in very little time.

Features of Ball Blast

Ball Blast is a simple shooting game with an incredible screenplay. A player can find the following elements in the game:-

Simple control to move the tomb

The player can move to the tomb only to the left and right direction. The tomb stands on the ground in four wheels. It continuously fires the bullet in the upward points. The player can’t move the tomb against gravity. Therefore, he needs to step it either to the left or right to shoot the big balls falling into the ground. The score is added once the player is successful in blasting the ball before it lands to the ground.

New power-ups to grab

Power-ups help the player to blast the balls quickly. Instead of shots, many other things fall from the sky. The player needs to shoot only the ball to improve the score. The players have to grab all the power-ups falling from the sky without pulling it. These power-ups will increase the efficiency of the tomb, and it can fire more than two to three missiles at a time. It, therefore, helps to blast the falling balls without much effort.

Premium features to explore

The premium features include the shooting of tomb and bullets. The player can upgrade the vault on the battlefield. Weapons can be heightened to make the shooting process simpler. Changing new cartridges help to blast the balls in few shots. The player has no longer to wait and shoot the ball to finish the crowd from the sky. The premium bullets make the gameplay a little easy and maintain the confidence level in the toughest situation.

New levels and locations

The game has a collection of new background scenes and levels to provide a distinct type of experience. The player has to complete the task in the given time for reaching the successive level. Once the player reaches the minimum threshold score, a lot of extra things get unhooked. The shooter now can choose new locations to experience the game in a new place.

Download Ball Blast MOD APK 1.46 for Android

Ball Blast is a game for all age groups. It is like a simple videogame with many advanced features. Different colours and sizes of balls come from the sky. The player has to blast it at the perfect time to grab more rewards in the game.

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