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Adguard Premium APK 4.0.37ƞ (MOD, Unlocked) for Android

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Ads are the most irritating thing on an Android phone. But, we need to go through it while playing games, serving websites, watching videos, etc. But, there is a solution for managing those ads. You can completely block them or set ads displaying limits depending upon your comparability. AdGuard app allows you to do all these functions to give you an independent experience of surfing the internet without displaying any ads. It is available in both free and premium versions with limited features. AdGuard Premium apk has more advanced features to block any ads and also saving your privacy.

Information about AdGuard Premium APK

APP Name AdGuard Premium
Size 14M
Features Unlocked
Powered By
Last Update On November 2020

What is Adguard Premium

There are many alternative apps available on the internet in the name of ads blocking facilities. Don’t get confused with AdGuard Apk. It is a light green coloured app with a white shield logo. The shield symbol indicates the safety of your privacy. The user needs to signup in the app with an email address and mobile number to start using the services. Inside the app, you get a crystal clear interface with green and white colour text. It will display the list of all the applications available on your phone, and you need to tick mark on the checkbox to block ads from the selected app.

Advanced Features of AdGuard Premium

The premium version of AdGuard app comes with the following features:-

Blocks ads from every corner

The app allows you to access a complete block feature on your smartphone. You can block all types of ads, including banner, popup, video ads, etc. on your phone. It gives a complete relief of all the advertising announcements coming on your phone. The app is an excellent way to say goodbye to ads. You also get the option. To block all the ads with one click, but if you want to block target ads from other apps, then you can change the setting from the phone.

Filter ads blocking feature

It is an option to put restrictions on ad blocking facilities. It depends on the user which type of ads should he want to stick on his phone. The app says that ads are a means of knowing about products, services, and discounts going on the internet. It helps you to get updated on the latest discounts and save your money if you use to shop online. But, if these above facilities have no role to play in your life, then you can go for setting up a complete ad-blocking feature.

Mobile data saving mode

AdGuard Premium apk also has a free data-saving option that saves unnecessary data by stop displaying ads on your phone. The premium version also has a feature to control the background running data to save your mobile data. You can manually control the app displaying feature and set a limit of consuming your mobile data for ads.

Increase the performance of your phone

Every ad saves some storage space as cache memory for displaying advertisements on the screen. Displaying daily ads consume additional data as well as fill up extra ram space. The same thing goes on repeating from all the apps, which makes the phone slower. AdGuard apk can solve this issue by just doing a few settings on your phone. You can control the ads displaying option to solve this problem in one click.

No root access required

The app can be installed easily without any root access. It manages to control the ads unit of system files to block the advertisement. It can be accessed both in rooted and non-rooted devices without any issue. It doesn’t have strict restrictions on using the app with specific criteria. You only need to have an Android phone of 500 MB ram to access the facility.

More than 20 Adblock list

It offers more features instead of providing ads blocking features. It has a list of more than ten countries where it runs perfectly. It somehow can’t block ads from all the nations. So, check the list of countries available in the list to make it work on your phone.

How to install AdGuard Premium Apk on Android

Follow the below steps to install the app on your phone:-

  • Go to the download folder after installing the application on your phone.
  • Click on the install button to install the app, If it asks for specific permission, then go to your phone setting and turn on the unknown services installation button.
  • Allow permission to access your phone details to help the app for promising its function.
  • In the mod version, you don’t need to pay any subscription charges. All the things are already unlocked from the beginning.

Final thoughts

AdGuard Premium is the best way to block mobile ads. The option of blocking ads on the browser, playing the game, etc., make the app a more useful one. You can try it and check if it works perfectly on your device or not.

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