Roblox Power Simulator Codes (October 2021)

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Roblox Power Simulator Codes

All New Power Simulator Codes – The story of the superhero is here with the most played game on the Roblox platform. When it comes to superheroes, how can we forget to add superpowers to them?. That’s what makes them superheroes, better than any other. Roblox Power Simulator is a game of skill, that basically means superpowers. You can build your player and give justice to the world with the skill your player has.   

In order to upgrade your skills, you have to complete the quest and that would give you money, or tokens. This money or token would help you to upgrade your hero’s ability. Moreover, these quests are quite easy to complete but it would take a long time to reach where you want in the game. However, the beginner quests would be to train your abilities like swiftness, punch power, agility, psychic force, and more. Players can carry forward to earn tokens with the below Roblox Power Simulator Codes, these would unlock tokens, and with those tokens, players can upgrade their skills, but rare items for their players, and more.

Active – Roblox Power Simulator Codes:

  • GoldenOwl: Redeem 150 tokens.
  • Surge: Redeem 150 tokens.
  • TokenLife:  Redeem 175 tokens.
  • PETCAVE: Redeem 150 tokens.
  • BOTS: Redeem 150 tokens.
  • RIPLighthouse: Redeem 150 tokens.
  • JERSIT04: Redeem 150 tokens.
  • Tidemaster: Redeem 150 tokens.
  • 100KLikes: Redeem 150 tokens.
  • FREETOKENS: Redeem 150 tokens.
  • 35M: Redeem 150 tokens.
  • Villain: Redeem 150 tokens.
  • 15M: Redeem 150 tokens.
  • baro: Redeem 150 tokens.
  • Sly: Redeem 150 tokens.
  • Sub2IntelPlayz: Redeem 150 tokens.
  • Sub2Cookie: Redeem 150 tokens.
  • Sub2jojocrafthp: Redeem 150 tokens.
  • Sub2azend: Redeem 150 tokens.
  • Sub2Rainaway: Redeem 150 tokens.
  • Sub2Rektaway: Redeem 150 tokens.
  • Sub2Telanthric: Redeem 150 tokens.
  • Sub2TanqR: Redeem 150 tokens.
  • scotty: Redeem 150 tokens.
  • Sub2Russo: Redeem 150 tokens.
  • Sub2razorfishgaming: Redeem 150 tokens.
  • Sub2Rexex: Redeem 150 tokens.
  • Sub2Poke: Redeem 150 tokens.
  • Sub2robzi: Redeem 150 tokens.
  • Dvyz: Redeem 150 tokens.
  • Sub2Seniac: Redeem 150 tokens.
  • Sub2Tofuu: Redeem 150 tokens.
  • Sub2Bandites: Redeem 150 tokens.
  • Sub2NikTac: Redeem 150 tokens.
  • Sub2Flamingo: Redeem 150 tokens.
  • Sub2gravycatman: Redeem 150 tokens.
  • TokenMaster: Redeem 125 tokens.
  • mario: Redeem 100 tokens.
  • 25KVIPBONUS: Redeem 2 Hours Of VIP.
  • NEW15KCODE: Redeem 2 Hours Of VIP.
  • pog: Redeem 200 tokens.
  • SORRY: Redeem 300 tokens.
  • 10KLIKESTOKENS: Redeem 250 tokens.
  • Ecoded: Redeem 100 tokens.
  • 5KLIKES: Redeem 150 tokens.
  • RELEASE: Redeem 250 tokens.
  • TRISTAN: Redeem 100 tokens.
  • RAINWAY: Redeem 100 tokens.

These are all the codes that are actively working right now, but you can always try inactive ones hoping that could also work as per your luck, So try below expired Roblox Power Simulator Codes as well.

InActive – Roblox Power Simulator Codes:

  • ROBOTS: Redeem 150 tokens.
  • SkyValid: Redeem 150 tokens.
  • Sub2DeildPlays: Redeem 150 tokens.

Note: Type these codes exactly written here, if it’s not working for you then kindly check the case of the letters. If you type exactly the way we have written over here, then you wouldn’t have any problem redeeming items.

How to Redeem Roblox Power Simulator Codes

Follow the below step-by-step guide to redeem tokens with the above-given codes.

  1. Start the Roblox Power Simulator game on your system with the website or app.
  2. Players have to search for the blue “Twitter Button”, as soon as the game starts.
  3. It would directly open up a dialogue box to enter the code.
  4. Then type your solicited code in the empty box, and click on the “Redeem”.
  5. You would receive the tokens as written above.

We hope these Roblox Power Simulator Codes would help you to redeem new items and skills. You can mention codes in the comment section if you know any new ones. It’ll be a great help for the Roblox fanatics around the globe.

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