Roblox Dragon Adventures Codes

Are you looking for Roblox Dragon Adventures Codes? then you are at the right place. In this post, we have shared the 100% working codes that you can easily redeem in Dragon Adventures.

Here you will find a list of new and currently working codes for Dragon Adventures. We will keep this article updated with all new promo codes that are published by developers on their Social Media handles for the special events, game promotion and festivals.

Dragon Adventures Codes

Roblox Dragon Adventures is one of the many Roblox games that is currently famous all around the world. The Roblox company gave so many creative people a platform to show their creativity towards gaming. As the name suggests, this game is all about dragons. Players can raise their own dragons in an open, and immersive world where they can grow, train and fight enemy dragons. While this game sounds fun but it comes with some tasks and quests to complete and then you can carry forward to master the demon. However, you can directly earn some rewards with the below promo codes. These codes would help users to quickly raise their dragons, and build a strong base for themselves and their beasty creatures.

Active – Roblox Dragon Adventures Codes

Before you redeem items with these below-given codes, do note that they are case sensitive, so you have to exactly type out like it’s written below. Unless you won’t get the mentioned item, so be careful when you type the code in the Roblox Dragon Adventures game.

  • AESUBREALM: Sub Realm Preset Potion
  • FLUFFY: FluffyTSG preset potion
  • JUSTYBLOX: JustyBlox Preset Potion
  • GALIFRAN: Galifran Preset Potion
  • SHAMEWING: Shamewing Preset Potion

Inactive – Roblox Dragon Adventures Codes

The below promo codes are useless, if you ever came across these then don’t even try to write it. That’s why we have mentioned these codes as if any user comes across these codes they won’t waste their time typing all of these codes.

  • LEPRECHAUN: Write this code to get Material Shuffle Potion.
  • PLANTS: Write this code to get Pumpkin Seeds.
  • WELLNESS: Write this code to get Dragon Breath Healing Potions.
  • HOLO: Write this code to get Holo Manta Rays.
  • MIX: Write this code to get Material Shuffle Potion.
  • HEALTHY: Write this code to get Crystal Treats.6
  • DELICIOUS: Write this code to get Peach Seeds.
  • VIBRANT: Write this code to get Color Shuffle Potion.
  • BRIGHT: Write this code to get 15 Glowing Mushrooms.
  • REVIVE: Write this code to get Max Revive Crystals.
  • GROW: Write this code to get 9 Onion Seed.
  • HAPPYNEWYEAR: Write this code to get a Color Shuffle Potion.
  • FROSTY: Write this code to get Snow Resources.
  • DREAMS: Write this code for 15 clouds.
  • farming: Write this code for 250 Coins and 15 Peach Seeds.
  • HEALTHY: Write this code for Max Revive Crystals.
  • NEW: Write this code for a Color Shuffle Potion.
  • UI: Write this code for a Material Shuffle Potion.
  • GLOWING: Write this code for Fairy Jar Resources.
  • CREEPY: Write this code for 30 Bats.
  • HORROR: Write this code for 25 Ghost Essence.
  • GHOULISH: Write this code for 50 Ghoul Wood.
  • SPOOKY: Write this code for 20 Candy Corn.
  • HARVEST: Write this code for Free Pumpkins.
  • SHUFFLE: Write this code for Material Shuffle Potion.
  • SPARKLE: Write this code for Ice Crystals.
  • HEALING: Write this code for 50 Crystal Treats.
  • SPECIAL: Write this code for 1 Color Shuffle Potion.
  • Shiny: Write this code for 50 Golden Apples.
  • TASTY: Write this code for 50 Pumpkins.
  • SolarSolstice: Write this code for 5000 Pumpkins.
  • SunnyDay: Write this code for 1 Lava Preset Potion.
  • SunGod: Write this code for 1 Golden Bear Plushie.
  • Milomissions: Write this code for 20 Bananas.
  • QuestMaster: Write this code for 2500 Coins.
  • NewL0bby: Write this code for 1 Color Order Potion.
  • 20k2020: Write this code for 2500 Coins.
  • Bunny: Write this for getting 50 Bunnies for free.
  • HappyEaster: Write this code for 1 Easter Preset Potion.
  • EggHunt: Write this code for 100 Chocolate Eggs.
  • b0nd: Write this code for 1 Color Shuffle Potion.
  • Toxic: Write this code for 1000 Coins.
  • Wasp: Write this code for 10 Toxic Waste.
  • Wastel4nd: Write this code for 1 Radioactive Preset Potion.
  • toxicworld: Write this code for 1000 Coins.
  • happybdayvery: Write this code for a Reward.
  • Val2020: Write this code for 500 Coins.
  • DaValentines: Write this code for 1 Free Heart Preset Potion.
  • HappyValentines: Write this code for 75 Heart Treat.

How to Redeem Dragon Adventures Codes

Below is the step-by-step guide method for new as well as old users of the Roblox Dragon Adventures Game. Follow the steps one after the other and you won’t have any problem regarding redeeming rewards.

Note: If you are a new player of the Dragon Adventures, then you have to complete the tutorial before you enter the code. So do that before you enter codes.

  • Look for the Menu Button on the screen of the game, and select it.
  • Select the Codes option from the list of items.
  • It would open up a dialogue box where it would say to enter the code.
  • Simply add the code and hit on Submit Button.
  • You would receive mentioned item in the inventory.

Where do I get more codes for Dragon Adventures

If you want to get more codes, You can follow the game’s official social handle’s like Facebook, Twitter or you can also join the official Discord server for the latest updates and announcements. We will be updating this list, whenever the new redeem code is released. So, make sure to bookmark this page and check back for all the new redeem codes.

So, this is all about new working codes for Dragon Adventures and we have also explained how you will be able to redeem the codes. So, what are you waiting for? Use these code and enjoy the game.

For more information on gaming news, cheats, guides, tips and tricks players can bookmark this page and stay connected with us on our social media channels, visit and follow us on Twitter and Facebook.


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