Illusion Connect Redeem Codes

Looking for Illusion Connect codes? Keep scrolling the page and find out the compiled list of active codes that you can get exciting rewards in the game.

Here you will find the complete list of all the new and valid codes for Illusion Connect. We will keep update the list. When the new codes are available. as the codes would help you to redeem for free gold, diamond, gift box, crystals, gift box and more in-game items.

Illusion Connect Codes (September 2022)

Follow this article to find out how to redeem Illusion Connect codes that can be exchanged for exciting rewards in-game items. Moreover, Players need to use these as soon as possible, because these gift codes are valid for a limited time only. So they will not stay alive for a long time. So let’s go ahead the article and find out all the redeemable codes for the month of September. As you can simply copy the codes and paste in redeem section in the game.

Latest Working Illusion Connect Codes

We are provided the latest working codes wiki below. These codes are active right now, so start the game and redeem as early as you can. However, Before you redeem items with these below-given codes, do note that they are case sensitive, so you have to exactly type out like it’s written below. Unless you won’t get the mentioned item, so be careful when you type the code in Illusion Connect.

All active codes for Illusion Connect:

Illusion Connect Codes  Get Rewards
#26F86G3A0 Redeem this code for exclusive rewards
#IC1ST Redeem for x5 Summon Ticket, x20 Gold Partner Stone and x1 Super Baguette
#IC92C8D2 Redeem for x200 Diamonds, x1 Trinity SR Partners and 100K Gold.
#ICAHORA Redeem for 100k Gold, x2 Summon Ticket and 30 Nightmare Bottle
#fanart Redeem this gift code for x5 Summon Ticket
#letmeout Redeem for x200 Diamonds and x1 Super Sports Car
#youareme Redeem for x1 PHY Transcension and x2 Super Baguette
#MISSME Redeem for x1 Demon God Crystal and x6 Nightmare Bottle XL (Added on September 27th, 2021)
#icayuda Redeem for 100k Gold, 3 Gift Box S and 3 Broken Partner Prism
#icllamada Redeem for 30k Gold, 10 Silver Partner Stone and 20 Nightmare Bottle M
#illusion Redeem for x50 Diamond, x20k Gold, X10 Nightmare Bottle(M)
#ICFAMILY Redeem for x5 Summon Tickets, x10 Broken Destiny Prism, x5 Gift Box L and 100k Gold
#iconnect Redeem for 50k Gold, x5 SSR Broken Destiny Prism and x30 Nightmare Bottle
#ICZOMBIE3 Redeem this gift code for 10 Summon Tickets
#ICSV02 Redeem this code for x100 diamonds
#ichersey Redeem for 10 Silver Partner Stones, 30K Gold, and x20 Nightmare Bottle M
#newshowgo Redeem this code for x10 tickets and x60 bread
#mustplay Redeem for x10 silver partner stones, x20 Nightmare Bottle M, and 30K Gold
#SALA Redeem for x10 Silver Partner Stones, x30k Gold and x20 Nightmare Bottle(M)
#BESTIC Redeem for 200k Gold, 60 Stamina and other exclusive rewards
#ICSV02 Redeem for 200k Gold, 60 Stamina and other exclusive rewards

How to Redeem Codes in Illusion Connect?

  • Open the game on your device.
  • Click on the avatar at left side of the corner.
  • New window will be pop up.
  • Click on the ‘Redeem Pack’ button
  • Players have to enter code from our list in the ‘Input pack code‘ section
  • Then click on the “confirm” button, the code will be redeemed in-game.

Where do I get more codes for Illusion Connect?

You can get more codes as they are released on the game’s official social media handles like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or You can also join the official Discord server for the game to get the latest updates and announcements. we will update this codes list with all the new redemption codes. So, bookmark this page and check back for all available new codes.

That ends our article, If you also play other games then check our Game code list. Please let us know the comment section below. if you find any new working codes, we would surely check and and them to this list.

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