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KBHT created Epic Treasure, a strategy game. For a realistic gaming experience, Bluestacks player is a great venue to enjoy this game on your PC, Mac, and Android. Epic Treasure is a treasure hunting game set in a pirate setting. This multiplayer RPG immerses participants in a pirate fantasy realm. To beat your adversaries, you will create a group of heroes and engage in strategic fights.

To win, you must assemble a team of the most powerful characters, each with their own set of talents and powers, to combat your opponents in strategic fights. As you go into the game, you will be able to explore and uncover a universe full of wonders. You may also form a guild and work together with other players to accomplish global challenges.

Epic Treasure is particularly notable for its atmosphere, with a comic aesthetic that transports you to a realm of pirates with a hint of fantasy typical of Japanese comics.

This KBHT game contains an exciting new trip that lets you discover new gameplay routes, create your team, and go on entertaining and thrilling quests.

The game is divided into two parts

  • Creating a fighting squad of heroes that you can develop as you move up
  • Clashes among rivals evolve tactically, the character you choose and their abilities will be crucial.

Game Features

  • Macros: Play this game with Macros to gain an advantage and skip the game’s uninteresting bits. Capture a sequence of instructions and execute them whenever you want.
  • Multi-instance: you can play multiples on your PC Why limit yourself to one game on your phone With Multi-Instance, you may open multiple Epic Treasure games at the same time. Increase the power of your assets by doing more.
  • Multi-instance sync: With Multi-Instance Sync, you can get the most out of Epic Treasure. Enjoy the game with many accounts and create your empire. To replicate the action, use Multi-instance sync.
  • Eco-mode: Make several summonings in Epic Treasure to find the rarest heroes. While you’re about it, use the Eco Mode to lower your PC’s resource use.
  • Script guide: Script guide will guide you and help you to get new ideas and you will be able to perform a sequence of activities by attaching them to a single key. ‘
  • Translation: Are you worried that you language will be a barrier to play this game ? This game has a translation so you can convert the game to any language.
  • FPS: By activating High FPS, you can eliminate tearing and stuttering.
  • No more Repeated Tap: There will be no more constant tapping on your mobile screen while playing Epic Treasure. Change to a superior gaming experience using BlueStacks’ ‘Repeated Tap.’

If you’re looking for freebies in Epic Treasure, then you can find out our list of working Epic Treasure codes that can be redeemed free rewards such as diamonds, hero shards, beli chests, and other in-game rewards.

List of Epic Treasure Gift Codes 

Epic Treasure Gift Codes List

  • EPICTREASUREWEEK03 – Redeem for x2 72 hour beli chest, x2 72 hour hero exp chest, x100 Hero Promotion Stone, x2 Area Ticket, x2 Chip
  • EPICGROUP10K – Redeem for x2 72 hour beli chest, x2 72 hour hero exp chest, x50 Hero Shard, x2000 Diamonds
  • LIKEFANPAGE10K – Redeem for x5 72 hour beli chest, x5 72 hour hero exp chest, x1000 Diamonds, x50 Hero Shard -Random Faction
  • EPICTREASURE2021 – Redeem for 72 hour beli chest, 72 hour hero exp chest, x200 Diamonds, x2 Gallon of beer, x200 Promotion Stone
  • EPICTREASUREGIFT – Redeem this code to get exclusive rewards
  • FREE5STAR – Redeem this code to get exclusive rewards
  • NEWPLAYER – Redeem this code to get exclusive rewards
  • EPICTREASURE – Redeem this code to get exclusive rewards
  • LEGENDARY – Redeem this code to get exclusive rewards

How to Redeem Codes in Epic Treasure

  • Open the game on your device.
  • Click on the “Event” button in the top side of the screen.
  • A new window will be pop up.
  • Tap on the “Cool Events” tab and look for ‘Exchange gifts‘.
  • Enter the code in the “Enter giftcode” section
  • Click on the “Redeem” button to get your rewards.

How to Get More Codes?

To get more codes, You can follow the game’s official Facebook page, Twitter, YouTube, Reddit to receive new updates and upcoming patches. We will be updating Epic Treasure codes wiki with all new codes once they are released. so make sure to check back often for the latest promo codes.

Game Information 

Heroes Belong to Six Types

  • agility
  • strength
  • dexterity vitality
  • intelligence
  • psycho

These heroes are divided into several classes

  • SS grade
  • S grade
  • A grade
  • B grade
  • C, grade
  • D grade

We hope you enjoyed our list of all the available Epic Treasure gift codes for Android and iOS. Please reach out if you would like to add a new code to this promo code list. Happy gaming!

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