Darkness Rises coupon codes

Darkness Rises is the most impressive and realistic game. It is defined as role-playing when a person or player adopts the role of a character in a fictitious action game setting. Therefore, the player acts as though he is the character, taking on the responsibilities and playing within the parameters of the story. Therefore, the player has the option to alter the course of events by actually acting or by making thoughtful character development choices. In the game Darkness Rises, you can select a different character to start the fantasy journey and You can customize your characters. The game is a visual marvel that demonstrates what contemporary portable technology is capable of, as well as a stone performance on the most recent hardware And it has a beautiful storyline where you will never get bored of playing, its a long game but worth the time This game provides Extremely good graphics and has Enjoyable combos and the Cutscenes are realistic and also there is an attack called rage. That is when the game gets really interesting. So let’s get into the detail.

If you’re a Darkness Rises enthusiast, and looking for freebies then you can find all the list of working codes for Darkness Rises that can use and claim free rewards such as gems, gold, tickets, keys and more. The game developers released a new redeem code on the special events, game promotion and festivals. There are active coupon codes available at this time, and we’ll add them to this list once there’re new redeem code is available.

Active Darkness Rises Coupon Codes

  • DR3RDPARTY – Redeem this code for  50M Gems and exclusive rewards
  • DRAPRILFOOLS – Redeem this code for 1000 Gems other exclusive rewards
  • aprilcostume – Redeem this code for exclusive rewards
  • 0621x2dr – Redeem for 10M Gold, 100 Clear Tickets, 500 Keys and 10 Choice DYE Tickets
  • 1095DAYSDR – Redeem this code for Rank S Pet Egg and exclusive rewards
  • JUNESTREAM621X1 – Redeem this code for Rank S++ Accessories Chest and Costume Deco Chest
  • Intotheunderworld – Redeem for 3K gems, 10 x gear summon tickets, and 10 x costume summon tickets
  • THXDRGIVINGXO – Redeem for 1k gems, 300 adventure keys, 200 boost ticket chest and Rank S++ costume deco chest
  • THANKSGIVINGWITHDR – Redeem for 3k gems and other exclusive in-game rewards
  • mazemagicloop – Redeem for 10 x Rank L polish choice chests, 4 x Rank S++ gear chests, 5 x Rank L Refining stone choice chests and 30,000,000 Gold.

How to use coupon code in Darkness Rises?

In order to redeem the Darkness Rises coupon codes, you’ll need to follow the below steps:

  • First, Open the game on your devices.
  • Tap on Bonus button in the top left side of the screen.
  • A New window will be open.
  • Click on the “Activate Code” tab.
  • Enter the code in the “Type your Pack code” section.
  • Tap the “Claim” button to get your rewards.

How to get More Codes?

To get more codes, You can join the game’s official Facebook page @NexonDarknessRises, Twitter, YouTube, Reddit to receive new updates and upcoming patches. We will be updating Darkness Rises codes wiki with all new codes once they are released. so make sure to check back often for the latest promo codes.

Darkness Rises redeem code

Game Information 

  • Title : Darkness Rises
  • Genre : Role Playing
  • Publisher : NEXON Company
  • Download : Play Store and App Store

Darkness Rises Modes

Pvp Events

  • duel pvp
  • team pvp
  • brawl
  • skirmish

Co-op Events

  • duo dungeon
  • raid
  • immortal raid
  • four guardians

Pve Events

  • story ( experience the epic story three a character’s eyes)
  • adventure ( obtain character EXP, essence, gear)
  • gold dungeon ( obtain Gold Daily)
  • daily dungeon ( obtain uncommon special rewards daily)
  • infinity tower ( prove your strength by defeating the bass guarding each floor )

7 Different Characters

  1. Warrior

A warrior is defined as someone who performs dynamic and dazzling assaults with lengthy sward wheels of the diversity of talents to be a balanced, flexible fighter.

  1. Wizard

A strong female magician who directs the elements with an enchanted staff and excels in ranged combat.

  1. Berserker (Echothrume )

it is steel armed giant that has excellent power

  1. Assassin

an agile as saying that wheels dual swords with masterful precision and cuts down enemies with a whirlwind of blows.

  1. Archer

The archer uses a Longbow to attack enemies from afar. Adept at ranged battles and the Archer can turn the types of battle with her deadly accuracy. ( female)

  1. Witch

which uses both swordplay and magic in battle which is can use both melee and train skills making them flexible and deadly open ends ( female )

  1. Guardian (Echoyt )

The brand new guardian has excellent power and strength and is a hard opponent.

With the aid of a capable editor, You have total control over your character.

Before engaging in combat, you can customize your hero in several ways.

You can offer your character new skills in addition to new armor, weapons, and accessories. With both the gold you acquire, you can level up both the equipment and the skills.


Darkness Rises is a wonderful game for fans of role-playing fiction and unique animations with a lot of character development. This game is really engaging and has many game types that will keep you involved; it is very simple to play.

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